5 Utah County hikes perfect for a scenic break

The Utah Valley boasts some pretty great features, but nothing can quite measure up to the incredible mountains and canyons that surround it. So if you’re looking for something to add to your bucket list this summer, consider taking a walk on the wild and scenic side by hitting the trails.

Here are some great summer hikes to get you started.

Bridal Vail Falls:

This popular trail to the base of the falls is another great hike for those sweltering summer days. Take caution with the swift river and water.

Getting there: Heading south on I-15, take the 8th North Exit in Orem and head east for about 3.7 miles until you near the mouth of Provo Canyon. Take the left split of the road towards Heber City on Highway 189 and travel about 3.6 miles up Provo Canyon and turn right at the turn off. Go straight through the stop sign and a parking lot is about a half mile down the road. The trail head is right on the other side of the bridge over the Provo River.

Big Springs Hollow:

This easy, 4-mile trail in Provo Canyon follows a small creek through a broad valley to Big Springs, a natural spring flowing from the mountainside.

Getting there: Big Springs Park is located near the top of South Fork Canyon Road. From the mouth of Provo Canyon, travel east up Provo Canyon Road to Vivian Park (about 8 miles.) Turn right onto South Fork Road, past Vivian Park, past Giles Ranch, Past South Fork Park, and on to Big Springs Park (approx 2.5 miles.)

Canyon Nature Trail:

This pleasant hike up American Fork Canyon begins at a picnic and campfire area. A great place to enjoy lunch before enjoying the trail.

Getting there: Drive 2.1 miles up American Fork Canyon on the Alpine Loop. The trailhead begins on the north side of the road just before the Timpanogos Cave Visitor’s Center.

Pine Hollow:

This family-friendly hike in American Fork Canyon is only 4 miles round trip, on a gentle incline, easy to access year-round, and a feast for the eyes!

Getting there: As you head up the canyon you will come to a fork in the road and will go right (Highway 92.) When you pass Mutual Dell on the right hand side of the road you are about .5 miles from the trail head. You come around a sharp curve and there will be a parking lot and restrooms. The Pine Hollow trailhead is located right across the street. Be aware that American Fork Canyon is a fee area.

Buffalo Peak:

Buffalo Peak is by far one of the easiest peaks to hike in Utah. It’s location right off the Squaw Peak Road makes it a easy location to reach as well.

Getting there: Drive up Provo Canyon looking for a sign for Squaw Peak Road (near mile marker 9). Follow this narrow paved road until it splits. A sign points to the right for a city view overlook. Go left, road becomes gravel shortly after. Follow the gravel road a few miles to where there is a meadow on the right and lots of fences. You should shortly see a large parking area on the left with rocks surrounding it. This is the main parking but if there is room, a few better spots are further up the road. The trailhead is at the road highpoint, about 5 minutes walk further up the road. There is room for just a few cars at that location.